Collection Manager is a reference UI implementation showcasing AtomicAssets functionality, built by FACINGS and funded by the EOS Network Foundation.

It's meant to work as both a stand-alone tool for collection owners, as well as a starting point for NFT developers making their own apps on Antelope. Collection Manager can be forked and customized to suit the needs of your own project.

Source Code

Github: https://github.com/FACINGS/collection-manager

Design principles

  1. Keep the core simple and secure with minimal dependencies
  2. Help publishers, developers, and businesses ship faster
  3. Grow open-source community around core EOS/AtomicAssets needs

Core features

  1. Login and view resource usage
  2. View/explore collections (schemas, templates, and assets)
  3. Create and edit collections

About AtomicAssets

AtomicAssets is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) standard for Antelope blockchains. AtomicAsset NFTs are resource-efficient yet full-featured. All metadata is stored on-chain, and templates are used to efficiently store redundant data. Additional features include native trade offer functionality and on-chain notifications.


FACINGS aims to unlock the value of web3 for the masses by making distribution of engaging NFTs easy, affordable, and scalable. We serve those who aspire to launch NFTs, saving them time and money by providing flexible tools to model and publish high-quality, feature-rich NFT collections. Using FACINGS, NFT publishers can take their concept to market quickly and reach their audience, wherever they are.

Social links: https://linktr.ee/FACINGSOfficial